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Stefano Pozzi

Stefano is originally from Italy and nature has always been the greatest of his passions. Spending time outdoors is his daily priority with a special devotion rock climbing during summer, accompanied by ski and snowboarding during winter.

Stefano has a mathematical background and graduated with honors at the University of Milan after 4 years of combined studies in Italy, India, Norway and Sweden. This represented for him the final fulfillment of his student duties and he celebrated by taking off to a 3-month solo bike-trip from Milan to Lisbon and back, following the pilgrimage route "Camino di Santiago" and covering a distance of 8000km.

The taste of freedom gained through his bike tour and his travels led Stefano to move to the wildernesses of Norway in 2011, working as ski instructor and tour guide. In search of new challenges, in 2014 Stefano moved to the very high arctic of Svalbard and here he took the university education of Arctic Nature Guide and increased his skills on flora and fauna of the arctic.

Today Stefano is a full-time outdoor professional and has working experience from Arctic, Antarctic, Italy, Norway, Australia and Nepal. His expertise is long ski and hike expeditions and he logs more than 100 field days and tent nights in the Norwegian Arctic. His everyday mission as naturalist is to share his knowledge and bring his guests even closer to nature, be able to provide them with the means to "live" in the wilderness rather than merely survive. In return he loves to learn something new every day from his guests.