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Russell Evans

Russ Evans is a sixth-generation Falkland Islander now living in Orkney, Scotland. In 1997, he was drawn away from his work on the family farm by the lure of the sea. Since then, he has made his living at sea. As a licensed captain, Russ has been part of a variety of marine endeavors, including commercial tugs, dive boat support, scientific research, sightseeing tours, cruise ships, and since 2003, an expedition leader on expedition ships worldwide but specializing in the polar regions.

Russ is committed to the environmental impact of tourism and its future in the Antarctic through his advocacy with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), and shares their commitment to responsible tourism.

Although his chosen place on the globe is the Antarctic and its surrounding waters and islands, he is as at home in the far north as he is in the far south. Also having led expeditions in lower latitudes and warmer climates, his passion for the oceans is coupled with keen expertise on the natural history of these places of extremes. His intimate knowledge of, and love for, remote islands and hard-to-reach corners of the world, (especially if they can only be reached by sea), makes him a natural for sharing his passion with others. His adventuresome spirit, along with his thirst to deliver the most extraordinary experiences to the guests of each expedition, provides a compelling and insight-filled backdrop for exploring.

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