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Peter Wilson

Peter comes from the town of Cobh, County Cork, on the south coast of Ireland. He is both a working archaeologist and a naturalist.  Growing up and living next to the sea, he developed a fascination with whales and dolphins, along with birds and the broader natural world. Ever varied in his interests, he studied English at University College Cork and went on to complete a master’s degree in Old English. 

A desire for more hands-on, outdoor work led him to a slight change of course, into the study of archaeology.  After combining his twin loves of the humanities and nature, Peter's main areas of research at present are archaeozoology and maritime archaeology. He has a particular interest in the archaeology of marine mammal exploitation and the archaeology of extreme environments.  Along with his research, Peter also works for the commercial sector as a field archaeologist throughout the south of England.

While he very much considers himself to be an outdoor person, Peter still has a great love of the fruits of human culture. He has a deep interest in everything from art history and visual culture, to the history of food and drink.  He brews beer and wine when he has the time, and also considers himself to be quite a serious musician.