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Octavio Maravilla

Octavio was born in Mexico City and moved to La Paz at age 19, to study Marine Biology at the Baja California Sur State University. He began his field research on California sea lions, working at Los Islotes, a small rookery close to La Paz City. Later, he expanded his research to all the sea lion colonies in the Gulf of California and over the Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula — aside sea lions, he studied three other species of Mexican pinnipeds, harbor seals, elephant seals, and Guadalupe fur seals.

His graduate work includes censuses of California sea lions in five different colonies on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. In 1986 Octavio travelled to Paris, France, where he spent a year obtaining a degree in animal behavior. Returning to La Paz in 1987, he began research with gray whales in Mexico; a directed and coordinated international effort to do censuses with the endangered vaquita porpoise of the Gulf of California.

He joined Lindblad Expeditions for a first period in 1994 until the year 2000 in Baja California. Then he engaged in further research to obtain his Ph.D., working in the Bay of La Paz, analyzing and studying the interactions between sea lions and fisheries. He obtained his degree in August 2005. Octavio rejoined Lindblad Expeditions in 2006 season working only in Baja California. He lives in La Paz, Baja California Sur, recently he retired and works teaching French at the French Alliance of La Paz.

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