Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Megan Wehrenberg

Megan is a scientist, dive instructor, and captain that has worked in the field of research, conservation and experiential education for 15 years. Growing up in Florida, she fell in love with the ocean at an early age and has been working and playing on the water for her whole adult life, on whale watching boats, research vessels, exploring remote waters on her own sailboat, and spending as much time as possible underwater. She received her BS in Environmental Science from University of Florida and her MS in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Labs where she studied phycology and the physiology of highly cultivated seaweeds. She spent 7 years managing a reef monitoring program in California and Baja California. During this time, she engaged and empowered a passionate cadre of citizen scientists and commercial fishermen to conduct underwater research for marine management purposes. She taught scientific diving for years at the university level helping biologists learn techniques for safely conducting underwater research. In recent years she has moved away from scientific research and has developed a deep passion for helping people to learn about and connect with the environment, working to create lifelong environmental stewards.

A few years ago Megan set sail from her California home to explore the remote islands of Mexico with her husband and dog and fell madly in love with the Baja Peninsula where they ended up settling. When not voyaging with Lindblad, Megan lives at and runs a small off-grid eco-hotel she built with her husband on the beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Here she explores the coastal desert with her family, surfs, sails, grows food, and works passionately with her community’s zero waste program.

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