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Matthew Phillips

Matthew has worked as an outdoor professional for nearly twenty years, having studied outdoor education in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has worked around the world and led groups in some of the remotest corners of the planet. His travels have led to many incredible and unforgettable wildlife experiences, including a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a polar bear.

Matthew spent four years working as the Senior Boating Officer for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on the Sub- Antarctic Island of South Georgia before becoming the Winter Station Leader of Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula. His tally of overwintering six times on BAS research stations has only been surpassed by three other people since records began in 1944.

During his significant time in the Southernmost part of the world, Matthew was part of "Team Rat", the team that carried out the highly ambitious rodent eradication program on South Georgia, helping to restore the island to the bird sanctuary it once was. Changing poles, Matthew also spent significant time in east Greenland, where he carried out boating operations in the largest fjord network on the planet and led mountaineering trips into the remote Southern Stauning Alps.

When back in his home country of Scotland, he is often found guiding sea kayaking trips on Scotland's dramatic west coast or guiding people up Scotland's mountains.

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