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Massimo Bassano

Photojournalist Massimo Bassano has worked for National Geographic since 1990, as well as in numerous worldwide publications. He has been traveling extensively for over 87 countries, going through a wide variety of assignments, including social and human culture, famine of Africa, wildlife, but even sports, fashion, and advertising.

His acclaimed unique photography book, The Colors of Silence, details the 12 weeks he spent in a world-known Italian monastery. First time photographed in its 900 years of history. His images also appeared in "Places of a Lifetime" from Nat Geo books. For almost two decades, Massimo has travelled with National Geographic Expeditions teaching photography around the world. From Italy to the Greek Isles and the whole Mediterranean, Morocco, Tanzania and its fantastic National Parks, Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar and the whole West Coast of Africa. Antarctica and the Arctic, Galapagos and Baja, Easter Island, Cuba, India and the Far East till Australia and the Pacific. This last one he also sailed alone in a sailboat exploring the unique culture of the far islands. He regularly leads photography and multimedia workshops and enjoys teaching and sharing his passion for traveling. Since he went for the first time to Antarctica with for National Geographic, Massimo fell in love with the Polar Regions. Every year he dedicates time specifically for projects about the Poles.

Massimo brings with him all the warmth, curiosity, culture, and history that you find in Southern Italy, more specifically from Calabria, where he was born. A true "Calabrese" with huge influence from the Greeks, when they went west colonizing, and enriching, the entire south of Italy. Massimo has many stories to share including his crossing of the Atlantic, followed by all the other oceans, alone on a sailboat as the adventure of a lifetime.