Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Leah Santini

Leah has been a Naturalist and Wilderness Guide for over 18 years and has a B.A degree in Parks and Recreation Management. She has worked across the U.S. from Alaska to the Caribbean and traveled throughout Asia and Western Europe. Leah has experience guiding whitewater, glacier trekking, hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving and kayaking trips. Leah has spent the last several years in the Caribbean working as a backpacking and kayaking guide as well as assisting Biologist in research projects.

Early in her career she decided to pursue Emergency Medicine, becoming a Wilderness EMT to be more skilled and better equipped in the backcountry. She is also a Firefighter and was a Search and Rescue team member in Alaska.

Leah has been a SCUBA Diver for over 20 years and has many diving certifications including Rescue Diver. She loves diving in both warm and temperate water all over the world. When not out to sea, she lives in Washington State teaching CPR and Wilderness First Aid, leading youth backcountry adventures, working as an EMT, and volunteering for the Washington State Animal Rescue Team.