Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Juliette Funck

Juliette was born in Washington D.C. to francophone Belgian parents, who fostered a love of travel and nature from an early age. While living in the Philippines as a child she developed a true love of the sea by swimming, sailing, snorkeling and eventually scuba diving. As an adult she became fascinated by understanding humans place in the natural world and pursued interdisciplinary higher education to approach this question. She recently completed a PhD in Paleoecology and Biogeochemistry at the University of Alaska Fairbanks using stable isotopes to study ancient and contemporary bison. She also has a Masters of Science in Bioarcheology from the Leiden University, and Bachelor’s Degree from University of British Columbia with a double major in Anthropology and Biology.

While most of her research was laboratory based, she continued to find avenues for adventurous field work. She trained in scientific diving at the NOAA research center on the Kenai Peninsula. Spent two summers as a field tech and naturalist above the artic circle at Toolik Field Station. She spent last summer as Wildlife Specialist managing bird hazards at Eielson Airforce Base and assisted fellow researchers with vole research projects in Nome and Utiquavik. In her spare time, she enjoys a variety of ways of exploring and learning about the natural world: diving, sailing, swimming, biking, backcountry hiking, cross-country skiing, skijoring and mushing.