National Geographic Expert

Jonatha Giddens

Dr. Jonatha Giddens is a marine biologist and ocean ecologist with nearly 2 decades of experience conducting ecosystem research on coral reefs throughout the Pacific region. She received her doctorate in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology from the University of Hawaii, where she held a National Science Foundation Fellowship. Currently, she is Chief Scientist for the Deep-Sea Research Project at the National Geographic Society’s Exploration Technology Lab.

As a National Geographic Explorer and Fellow, Jonatha’s work extends across the globe, where she uses remote cameras to document and characterize deep-sea biodiversity. Drawing on her lifelong passion for creative storytelling, Jonatha blends her scientific research with visual arts to highlight humanity’s connection to the ocean—from its shallow coral reefs to its unexplored depths. Her mission is to discover more about the sea, to share its wonders and to inspire others to care about its conservation.