Wellness Specialist

Jessica Riggs

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jessica has been exploring and rock hunting since she was old enough to walk. Luckily, Washinton state has one of the most diverse geological topography's in the world and being fascinated by rocks, crystals and volcanic eruptions, she found she was deeply connected to the earth and the elements fire water and air. All of the things that help to create and change this amazing world we get to explore.

This led her to WSU to pursue a degree in geology. Working for Lindblad for the last 5 years, Jessica has lead numerous hikes and kayaking tours. Educating guests about how our earth evolves and how that affects our bodies and souls. 

Earth energy is directly related to geological processes and activities and Jessica strives to bring to two together giving guests an experience they will viscerally remember for a lifetime. 

Jessica has also traveled the world extensively, including Egypt and the great pyramids, The Roman Forum and scuba diving in the Maldives. She currently lives in Everett Washington and has two grown children who also explore with her every chance they can get.