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Ivan Vasquez

Iván grew up in San Cristobal, Galapagos amongst a family of artists. From an early age he explored different art tools to express his creativity, going from painting to music, and to finally discover a camera which would later lead to his profession. He started a musical band called Arkabuz and recorded two albums with inspiration of Galapagos. The band toured all over the country and received several prestigious awards, including best band in the country for 2008.

Iván is an avid naturalist videographer and environmentalist. Since 2010 he started working on expedition vessels capturing the pristine wildlife of the islands. In 2015 he moved to California where he obtained a diploma on Film and Television Production, expending this way his knowledge and possibilities about film worldwide. After returning to the Galapagos, Iván and his brother started a media production company called Archipiélago Films, based in San Cristobal, Galapagos; in order to help develop film amongst the local community and provide of communication services to local agencies, institutions and NGO's.

Iván also promotes cultural development in Galapagos through various venues, including the annual Beagle Festival held in San Cristobal, as well as art and educational workshops for the community.