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Federico Chacón

Federico Chacón, or “Fico” as he is better known by his friends, started guiding one-day nature tours on weekends and holidays at the age of 18 right at the time he started studies at the University of Costa Rica. It was just a part-time job, that was mainly his brother’s idea, but little by little it grew to become his career and his passion. 

Since then he has continued guiding for over 20 years all over Costa Rica, Central America and Panama with a focus on nature tours. Throughout the years he has also taken courses and done studies with the University of Costa Rica, the National Institute of Learning, and several other institutions. 

“Fico” has a great sense of humor that helps him share his knowledge and his deep passion for tropical nature. He loves bird-watching, hiking, reading, and traveling in and out of the country, and has visited the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Galápagos, Cuba, England and Norway. One of his favorite things to do is play ultimate Frisbee and be outdoors.