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Eva Westerholm

Eva is an animal loving outdoor enthusiast who has guided in the polar regions and many of the countries in between for over 15 years. She grew up on the west coast of Sweden and travelled extensively with her family throughout Europe. Eva credits this early exposure to new cultures as an inspiration to keep exploring and has not slowed down since. Looking for an adventure of her own, she took a job as mess girl on a small vessel in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard under the midnight sun. Eva fell in love with the sea and has not stopped sailing since and now has worked nearly every role possible on expedition ships. Not only is Eva an avid birder and a keen naturalist, but she is also very interested in human history and the stories people and places tell. Wanting to learn more she studied at the University of Gothenburg and University of Sydney Australia where she has earned a degree in Social Anthropology. Eva loves sharing her knowledge and experiences, but she values what she learns from her fellow travelers, guests, and colleagues, even more.

Currently Eva lives in the beautiful San Juan mountains of Colorado where she enjoys skiing, hiking, and biking. Her work and travelling lifestyle do not allow for a pet at home, so the closest thing to it is a sourdough starter that she has managed to keep alive for over 8 years.

My upcoming expeditions

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Dec 2 2024
Dec 12 2024
Dec 22 2024
Feb 10 2025