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Dana Filippini

Dana was born with a curious nature, which endures to this day. At a very young age she developed a love of wildlife and being outdoors. Although she loves all aspects of nature, it was seeing her first Humpback whale that was the impetus to pursue a career in wildlife. She received her BSc degree in Wildlife Biology and Management from the University of Rhode Island, which eventually led to a career as a biologist and naturalist.

During her tenor at URI she participated in the first faunal inventory to be conducted in the Atlantic Rainforest in the State of Sergipe, Brazil.  Their team, over multiple seasons worked with their Brazilian counterparts, mist netting birds, live trapping mammals and went looking for herptiles. Brazil is one of her favorite places to visit.

During her off time, she works with dog rescue groups, keeps bees and enjoys most of all spending time adventuring with her partner in crime, her young granddaughter.

Dana has been to many places in the world and loves being immersed in different cultures and of course looking at the native wildlife!!  She is looking forward to sharing all the new adventures to come with the guests of Lindblad!