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Dan Olsen

Dan lives in Seward, Alaska, and has worked as a guide and naturalist his whole life. Dan taught sailing, navigation, mountaineering, and kayaking at Outward Bound and aboard tall sailing ships, before shifting to expedition ships.He has been a licensed captain since 1993 and has run roughly a thousand Alaska boat tours.Dan has driven boats and guided tours in Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Europe, and Hawaii.

Dan began recording Killer Whales (Orca) in 2004 and was hooked when he learned that families could be identified by their calls. He obtained a Fisheries Biology Masters degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and now is a partner in a non-profit dedicated to monitoring the health of Alaska killer whale populations. Although his specialty is acoustics, he also studies diet and behavior, and is always excited to find whale poo! Dan recently presented for the BBC production, ‘Alaska Wild Live.’

In his spare time, Dan can be found mountain biking, skiing, sailing, canyoneering, fire juggling, slacklining, playing flamenco guitar, or performing improv in Seward.