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Claire Dutilleul

Claire is from the Centre region of France, where there are neither mountains nor oceans. She was not introduced to the outdoors as a child and her first interest in life was in performing arts. She studied contemporary dance and graduated from Master’s in Dance Research, but developed in parallel her own passion for nature, mountains, and hiking. She travelled to Northern Europe and went on a few solo long-distance hikes. With dance and hiking, she likes to think she is exploring both inner and outer landscapes.

She moved to Iceland in 2017 and worked in the remote and uninhabited highlands, in both summer and winter. In 2019 she enrolled in the Adventure Guide Certificate program from Thompson Rivers University held in Iceland.

Claire is familiar in glacier environment, she has traveled on many glacier outlets in Iceland, and guided boat tours on a glacial lake. After working inland for many years and sharpening her curiosity and knowledge of geology, glaciology and volcanism, she felt a calling from the ocean and marine wildlife and worked as a whale watching guide. Eager to explore the world, share her passion for nature and wildlife, and contribute to raising awareness on environment and conservation, she was thrilled to join Lindblad Expeditions as a Naturalist.