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Carlos Palma

Carlos was born and raised on the Galapagos Islands went to school there and moved on to Guayaquil to finish his studies, he has always been close to nature and living on an island surrounded by a living laboratory was the perfect mold for a naturalist guide.

At a young age he used to go onboard of the yachts where his father worked as a one of the first naturalist guides this is where he acquired the passion for the sea and all the knowledge that would be useful in his future all the experience of the last three decades of his father absorbed by a young boy readily curious about everything, you can imagine him running up and down exploring each corner of the ship it can be compared to a kid visiting Disney world for the first time, but for him it was much better since all the real fun was out doors there in  the unique nature breathtaking landscape where he grew up together with all the creatures that inhabit this archipelago.

The fascination for the nature also grew up with it and took him to a new level, the one that brings him to share all this charm of the Galapagos Islands that’s why he became a full time Naturalist Guide in the 2009 and  Divemaster and lately a self-taught photographer which he considers one of the best conservation tools and other skills, his main goal is to offer the people who visits this paradise to live an unforgettable experience and a message to the world that we are still on time to change it and respect the animals and live in harmony with the nature like we do here and it is what we are trying to keep.

Now the goal is to keep this motivation for what people come to Galapagos on first place, conserve this paradise for the future generations, given that having a daughter and a dream is that she gets to see and enjoy what he had when he was a child and to pass on this passion for Galapagos.