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Alexandrea Tice

From the United States, Alexandrea is a professional mariner, wilderness guide, and outdoor enthusiast; born and raised on the water in a Coast Guard family, she’s been driving and paddling boats since she can remember. Alexandrea holds a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from the University of West Florida, and her passion for animals and enthusiasm for the outdoors drives her career and personal pursuits in the adventure travel and outdoor education fields. 

Her 15-year professional maritime and guiding career has led to incredible opportunities to explore and guide in some the most beautiful places in the world including the British Columbia Coast, Southeast Alaska, Antarctica and across the entire Arctic including the Northwest Passage. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences and endlessly grateful for the enriching and extraordinary experiences her career offers. Ask Alex about playing and coaching college softball, growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, her maritime career as a boat captain, or invite her to join you out on deck to watch for wildlife!

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Aug 10 2024