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Aidan Lynn-Klimenko

Aidan Klimenko is an accomplished photographer, filmmaker and traveler, exploring the diverse facets of life around the world by means of his camera and lens. After graduating with degrees in both film and photography from Montana State University in Bozeman, Aidan sold the majority of his belongings, moved into an old VW van, and set out for South America in search of experiences, connections and images. Along the way he created a portfolio that would throw him headfirst into the travel and outdoor adventure industries.

Growing up in Ecuador instilled a natural sense of cultural and worldly curiosity in Aidan. Now his passion for the outdoors, travel and connection, continues to grow and inspire a lifestyle of perpetual motion, visual storytelling and exploration.

In the recent years of his career, Aidan’s work has encompassed the Americas from tip to tip. His projects have included spending months at a time documenting expeditions in the frozen waters of Antarctica, driving across Latin America and exploring its diverse subcultures, spending a year working from a tent while photographing the United States' national parks, sailing up the maze of Alaska's inside passage and into Denali National Park. Aidan has built an award-winning body of work that can be found featured in national publications including National Geographic, Backpacker Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Ski Magazine, and multiple travel books; and that has also led to campaigns shot for Subaru, Adidas, and BMW.