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Adriana Diaz

The oldest of three sisters, Adriana was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica and still lives in this same province. Her interest in biology started at a very young age when she was immediately attracted to the beauty of nature and the secrecy within the forest elements. After taking part in several volunteer programs related to biology subjects, she was later inspired to study biology with an emphasis on tropical ecology and sustainable development. By 2010, Adriana obtained a bachelor’s degree at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.

While working with tourism companies has given her much experience, her goal is to focus on companies specializing in nature and biology, allowing her to share her knowledge of forest ecology with guests. Adriana actively leads groups as a tour manager and naturalist guide, and is involved in environmental education activities working along with NGOs as an on-site field instructor. To Adriana, a naturalist guide’s goal should be transforming daily activity along a trail, or a river, or any natural scene into a magical, profound, life-lasting experience for people.

In her free time she loves to keep active by hiking, trekking, and very frequently attending dance lessons.